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Electric Scooter Lift

Electric scooters are a great way for anyone with limited mobility to maintain their independence and move around on their own. With a small battery powered motor, a scooter can be plugged in to recharge after it has been used. However, one drawback of electric scooters is that they are usually too large and too heavy to be loaded into a vehicle for a trip. This is inconvenient for many people who would like to be able to use their scooter once they reach their destination. Fortunately, Burr Engineering has a solution!

Our mobile lifts are the perfect tool for transporting your electric scooter. The lift can be attached to the back of your vehicle using a hitch adaptor, and you can take your scooter wherever you go! The lift platform folds down and can be lowered to ground level using the electronic controls so that a three or four wheeled scooter can be driven right onto the platform. Attach the safety harness and push the switch, and the platform will lift the scooter up so you can get in the car and go. An electric scooter lift is the perfect solution, whether you’re driving across town or across the country!

Electric scooter lifts from Burr Engineering can be purchased in three different model types:
  • No. 19675 Regular 18” Model Mobile-Lift Full 18” vertical lift for installation on regular vans and cars.
  • No. 20565 Motorhome 24” Model Mobile-Lift Full 24” vertical lift for motorhomes that have an extra high hitch receiver.
  • No. 24770 “Big Tray” 24” Mobile-Lift Full 24” vertical lift. Suitable for installation on regular vans, cars and motorhomes. Tray size: 30”x 50”.
All mobile lifts for Burr Engineering are manufactured using quality components and machining techniques. The platform is made of lightweight aluminum and coated with a black powder finish for extra protection. The platform folds up when not in use, and the lift post can be folded down to give you access to the trunk of your vehicle. Product Features:
  • Strong, stable and lightweight
  • Lift can be used with a van, car or truck
  • Safety straps to secure scooter
  • Optional travel covers
  • Post folds down 45 degrees
How to Order
Would you like to order an electric scooter lift or learn more about other lift products from Burr? Just call (269) 966-3122 or email sales@mobile-lifts.com. We can even recommend a trusted installer in your area to install your lift for you once it arrives!

About Us
Burr Engineering has been manufacturing wheelchair lifts, platform lifts and scooter lifts for over 25 years. Our engineering expertise and quality production methods enable us to create superior lift products for our customers. Burr’s two major product lines, the “Mobile-lift” and the “Handy-lift”, help people of all ages who have physical disabilities to overcome their obstacles and empower them to go out and do the things that they love.

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